Here we provide convenient access via the world wide web (Internet) to various sources and resources of seeds, inputs & supplies, tools, expertise and support, many of which we use ourselves.


Organic and Bio-dynamic:

These seed companies offer only certified organic seeds:

Abundant Life Seeds (Certified Organic and Biodynamic Seeds and Supplies)
Featuring USDA Certified Organic Seeds and Demeter Certified Biodynamic Seeds.  They also carry many OMRI Listed Organic Fertilizers, Ladybugs and Predatory Nematodes, Vegan Mix Fertilizer (3-2-2) and high quality tools, including the incredible De Wit Heirloom Diamond Hoe, Half Moon Hoe and Seeding Rake.  They also carry Seed Cleaning Sceens of various sizes, Seed Saving Containers, Onion & Garlic Bags, and a new item (AZK809) Food Storage Lid which fits a 5 gallon container and is ideal for use in making EM Bokashi.  In business since 1975.


High Mowing Organic Seeds. 100% Certified Organic Seeds since 1996.  USDA/NOP Certified Organic through Vermont Organic Farmers.  A family-owned and operated business (Tom Stearns), they offer both farm/market garden and garden-scale quantities of some of the finest varieties, including both OP and Hybrid cultivars. Seeds of Vegetables, Culinary and Medicinal Herbs, Flowers and Cover Crops are offered.  They also offer Supplies, including a Biodegradable Mulch made completely out of corn, Rock Bags for holding down floating row covers, and plug trays and propagation domes & flat trays at great prices.  Insect Control products include Ahimsa Organics Neem Oil, Garlic Barrier and Dipel DF (Bt. kurstaki), Safer Insecticidal Soap for Tomatoes and Vegetables, and Naturalis (Beauveria bassiana) a soil-borne fungus that helps control difficult pests like tarnished plant bug, potato beetle and corn borer.


Seeds of Change. Certified Organic. 100% Certified Organic Seeds.  In 2009, Seeds of Change is celebrating its 20th anniversary.  Offers a tremendous selection of organic seeds, plants, bare root stock (strawberries, asparagus, berries and fruit trees) and organic inputs and growing supplies.  Both garden and professional grower catalogs are available and seeds can be purchased in packets or in bulk.  Their website also features easy access to growing information and helpful advice.  Many varieties are of their own breeding, and they sponsor a network of organic growers to supply many of the seeds they offer.  One of the few sources of certified organic cover crop seeds.  They offer a selection of high quality tools, organic inputs and growing supplies, including greenhouse kits.


These seed companies offer bio-dynamic seeds:

These companies offer a wide selection of organic seeds as well as non-organically grown seeds, and have taken the safe seed pledge (no GMO seeds).  Use care when ordering from these sources.  Some still offer seed pre-treated with chemicals to enhance germination.  If you are an organic producer, be certain the seeds you order and use are untreated with chemicals.  Most organic certifiers require that only organically-grown seeds can be used in certified organic production, however, with some allowance for untreated, conventionally-grown seeds (non-GMO), for varieties that are necessary to meet certain marketing needs and which are unavailable as organically-grown.  Be careful, as many certifiers are tightening up on their requirements for organic seeds, and many more varieties, even hybrids, are now available as organic.

Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply  One can truly say that “if you can’t find it here, you can probably live without it”.  A favorite supplier of mine since 1992, they feature organic seeds and inputs, growing supplies, bare-root stock, strawberry plants by the bunch and in bulk, and some of the best growing advice in the business.  They might just prove to be your “one-stop” source for most everything needed for organic growing.

Poly-Tex Greenhouse and Display Systems  One of my favorite sources for greenhouses, shade houses, tunnels, displays and bench systems, shade cloth and plastic.  I’ve used their wiggle-wire base and attachment system for home-built greenhouses, and I like the fact that their aluminum base is sturdy, yet bends easily to follow the contours of a curve.  In the future, I plan to buy a couple of their greenhouses, a two-bay XA-310 and a two-bay XA-210.  Check them out:

Henry Fields features varieties adapted to southern climates

Pinetree Garden Seeds  “the source for home gardeners” One of my favorite suppliers for garden seed for the home or kitchen garden, they carry many unique varieties not available anywhere else.  One feature of their offerings is that they have sub-divided their catalog into different cuisines and they offer many of the traditional varieties used to make various dishes.  I always order something from these guys each year just to try something new, and I’ve never been disappointed.

HPS Catalog (Horticultural Products and Services Div.)  “Your source for premium products at discounted prices”   A resource mostly for conventional growers, but with some good deals on such supplies as plastic paks of various sizes for setting up your own bedding plant growing business.

Willhite Seed Inc.  “A world of good seed”.  A very conventional seed supplier who routinely applies fungicide seed treatments to corn and vine crops, but who offers lots untreated by request as available.  Notable for watermelons, cowpeas and many other southern adapted crops.  Also noteworthy source of sweet potato plants (7 varieties), hotcaps, and good prices on tools.  They have the popular Earthway Seeder for $91.00, for example.

R. H. Shumaway’s  They offer a lot of old-fashioned varieties and have a very traditional feel to their catalog.  I’ve had good luck with their seed, and I know many friends who regularly order from them.

Gardens Alive! “Environmentally responsible products that work!”

A great resource for organic solutions, although not OMRI listed, so check with your certifier if you are a certified organic grower to see if the product you might like to use is actually allowed for organic production.  Their catalog and website are very educational, with great pictures showing various diseases and pests and the appropriate solution they offer.  Of special note, this year they’re offering EscarGoPlus, which helps eliminate snails, slugs, and pillbugs; they also offer a predatory nematode that is said to control root-knot nematode.

Gurney’s Seed and Nursery Co.  “America’s most complete seed & nursery company”.  A source I’ve used over the years, I have found them to be a reliable company to work with.  Mostly conventional seed and stock, but many selections have proven to work well, especially in short-season climates and planting windows.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds  “An employee-owned company”.  I’ve worked with Johnny’s as a supplier for many years and I always check them out when I’m looking to solve problems or to take things to the next level.  They have many unique, field-proven tools, thanks to a consulting arrangement with Eliot Coleman.  For market gardeners, they are a great source of labor-saving devices, such as the Hatfield Transplanter and various jab planters for large seeds.  This year, they feature 300 organic products.  They do some incredible breeding work, and are known for developing a number of All American Selection winners, including the 2009 winner: Honey Bear (F-1) Acorn Squash.  They offer specialty catalogs for both Professional and Home Garden needs.  Their web site offers many technical sheets for growers and videos on the use of their tools.

John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds  “Serving America’s finest gardens for over 100 years!  1908-2009.”  I only ran across them this year thanks to an internet search for some rare heirloom varieties: they have them!  An incredible selection, many varieties you won’t find anywhere else, in seed packets sized for the modest needs of the kitchen garden.  They don’t claim to be organic, but they do state that they do not sell treated or gmo seed.  They support the American Community Garden Assoc.  They offer many interesting Kitchen Garden Selections, including the Edible Flower Garden and a Child’s Garden of Wonder.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  One of the very best!  Look here for new ideas and many hard to find heirloom and ethnic seeds.  All non-hybrid, only OP!  They don’t claim to be organic, but they’re so natural in all they do.  Their 2009 Catalog is a work of art and a labor of love.  Their store in  Bakersfield, MO is a ten minute drive from Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Ozark Home in Mansfield.  They sponsor many popular festivals, and strongly support community-based food production.  They’ve sourced seed from 66 countries, so what they offer demonstrates a commitment to spreading peace and understanding through the sharing of good food and enduring seed traditions.

Territorial Seed Company  “All the pieces to your gardening puzzle”.  They feature seeds that do well in the Northwest Region, especially in Oregon, Washington and Northern California, but I’ve used many of their offerings here in Arizona with great results.  Many Open Pollinated varieties, some organic, some biodynamic even, no treated or GMO.  They produce about 25% of their own seed at their organic research farm, and they are members of the Organic Trade Association.  I especially like their kale, lettuce and salad blends.  In addition to vegetables, they offer cover crops, herbs and flowers.  They have growing supplies and natural fertilizers and pest control products.  They also offer started plants of many of their finest varieties.

Seed Saver’s Exchange  Much of the work to preserve heirloom varieties in the United States has been done by the Seed Saver’s Exchange.  A network of growers and seed savers have grown out and preserved many unique varieties that otherwise might be lost by now.  Many of the heirlooms currently offered in commercial seed trade were preserved and sourced from SSE.  They’ve offered a catalog of some of the best selections from the members through their heritage farm.  Although I don’t always keep up my membership, I’ve always supported their work, and I’ve sourced many treasured varieties that I save and share.

Native Seeds SEARCH  (Southwest Endangered Arid-land Resource Clearing House)  Founded by former members of the Meals for Millions Southwest Region office in Tucson, Arizona, this talented and adventurous team has done a remarkable job of preserving the seed heritage of the native peoples of the southwest region of  the United States and Mexico.  These enduring seeds, as Gary Nabhan has described them, are proving to be well adapted to the demands of growing in arid climates.  I strongly support their conservation work.

Totally Tomatoes  A very comprehensive listing of both heirloom and the latest hybrid varieties of mainly tomatoes and peppers, they also offer some growing supplies.  I order some varieties from them that I can’t find anywhere else.  If diseases or extreme heat are a limiting factor to you, try some of their resistant varieties.  They have several that are resistant to the Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus which is spreading to many areas and severely limiting production.  I also like their offering of soil test kits.

Nichols Garden Nursery “Herbs, fine seeds & goods for the garden cook”  A nice selection, they feature plants as well as seeds, and are notable for their selection of hops for making home-brewed beer.  They have lots of stuff for the kitchen.  If you’re interested in herbal teas, home-brewed beer and wine, cheese making, soap making, canning and food storage, they have many kits and books to guide you.

Thompson & Morgan “Quality English seeds since 1855”.  Very notable for their high quality flower seeds, they’re offering more vegetable and sprouting seeds lately.  I use some of their flower seeds in border areas for Insectary plantings and for beauty.

Vermont Bean Seed Company  As the name implies, they feature a large selection of beans, but also offer many other kinds of vegetables, flowers, bulbs, fruits, roses and some grower supplies. They have an extensive selection of  hand-operated kitchen tools to assist in home canning and pickling of foods for storage.  A good regional resource in Vermont and New England.  They are already out of supplies of their 2009 catalog, so search them on-line.

Burpee Seeds  My favorite feature of their website is the immediate access to the USDA Zone finder utility.  Just type in your zip code and you’ll get an immediate response showing your growing zone.  This is helpful information if you’re looking to select varieties that grow well in your area, especially valuable if you’re planting perennials and fruits.  Long known for their breeding and selection work, Burpee has many exclusive varieties not available from any other source.  I usually find a few irresistible new things in their catalog every year.

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30 ft wide x 96 ft long high tunnel:;ft1_coldframes_hightunnels;pgpb01670r4c_PB01735R4C.html

Poly-Tex Greenhouses


Expansion Mansion 21ft. w.

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30-35’ RT Muscle side/roof venting greenhouse

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Electric Fencing:


Recommended Reading

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