About Us

Gardening for Peace is a project and program of White Mountain Nature Farm, LLC and the Living Earth Training Center. We currently offer consulting services to commercial farmers and bulk sales of Ag1000-Organic Soil Amendment for commercial applications. Our focus in this work is to enhance soil and crop health resulting in improvements to profitability, crop yield and quality, and enhanced food safety. Our services include drone mapping, soil sampling and analysis, and help in developing an application strategy for using Ag1000-Organic Soil Amendment for both organic and conventional production.

White Mountain Nature Farm, LLC and Living Earth Training Center is developing a model farm demonstration and research facility in the White Mountains of East-Central Arizona, not far from the Painted Desert/Petrified Wood National Park. We grow organic vegetables using the Nature Farming method, and make extensive use of Effective Microorganisms (EM) as the core technology in creating "living soil", the basis of nature farming. We are planning to develop a model Solar Eco-Village Training Center that will demonstrate an integrated Power-Water-Food Production system that can be deployed both locally and globally as a Permaculture/Nature Farming design template for village-scale settlements.

For nearly 20 years, we taught courses on Gardening for Peace, Nature Farming and Spiritual Gardening, and the various uses of EM for creating sustainable organic agriculture. We have worked for many years with the Tree of Life Foundation and the Tree of Life Center in Patagonia, Arizona to present workshops on Conscious Gardening and the use of EM. We are working now to develop on-line courses and other offerings to share these lessons globally.

We advocate the use of Gardening for Peace as a spiritual practice leading to Awakened Being, a state of consciousness which we see as the true nature of human nature as intended by the creator.

We publish training manuals and other information resources.

We offer classes and also occasionally accept apprentices and volunteers. If interested in any of these programs, please contact us for particulars.

We work with various partners and affiliates, and lend support to other organizations that are working to end world hunger and create world peace.

We have helped other organizations develop training programs and apprenticeships, and we encourage visitors to our web site to become informed of these programs. See our products and services page for more information, or contact us with your particular interests and needs.