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Gardening for Peace!

A method to help create world peace by taking steps to end world hunger. 

Gardening for Peace is first of all a practical method to produce food abundantly using methods that are in harmony with nature and the design of the creator. Gardening for Peace uses a regenerative organic farming method known as Nature Farming, and employs advanced techniques to create living soil, the basis of sustainable agriculture.

Practical tools employed include microbial innoculants (especially EM or Effective Microorganisms), beneficial insects, organically-grown seeds (non-GMO), cover crops and green manures, weed-suppressive cover crops and mechanical cultivation, flame weeding, compost and organic fertilizers, rock dust, minimum tillage systems, greenhouses and other season extension technologies, and other advanced techniques of eco-farming.

Research shows these methods can produce equally as well as conventional farming with chemicals without the environmental damage chemical farming entails.

Gardening for Peace also recognizes that gardening and farming are practices that have spiritual significance for the practitioner, especially when the spiritual dimension is consciously included in the practices of gardening and farming.

Gardening for Peace can become the path to Awakened Being, a spiritual practice and a tool for the evolution of human consciousness.

Gardening for Peace understands that we cannot have a world at peace so long as any members of the human race are left to starve. Ending hunger in the world is a key step in creating world peace. To do so, we must understand that bread alone will not succeed in ending hunger – we must find the means to end the hunger of spirit that allows the inhumanity of poverty, hunger and war to exist.

Gardening for Peace is a method to feed both the human body and the human spirit.

“Peace is the end, the means,
and the goal.”